Stamp or label with text Vancouver, Washington inside

10 Things You Need to Know About Vancouver

Vancouver, Washington is one of the greatest cities in the world, and we are only slightly biased. With a city as great as ours, people decide every day to move to Vancouver, and we can’t blame them! We’ve put together a list of 15 things everyone needs to know about Vancouver, especially if you plan to move here.

Stamp or label with text Vancouver, Washington inside

  1. No. It’s not Canada. Yes, Vancouver, Washington shares its name with a close-by and very well known Canadian city. Locals differentiate the cities by referring to their city as Vancouver U.S.A. and the Canadian city as Vancouver B.C.
  2. There’s no income tax! Vancouver makes it a little easier to beef up your savings account since there is no income tax. You can also head on over to Portland and take advantage of no sales tax for bigger purchases.
  3. It’s not a concrete jungle. With green lawns, trees, parks, and breathtaking views of Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood, Vancouver offers residents a quiet and calm culture right next to some major cities.
  4. It’s a laid back city. The ‘Couve prides itself on being very laid back, casual, relaxed.
  5. All. The. Coffee. Vancouver, much like of the Northwest, prides itself on knowing a thing or two about coffee. Check out many of the local coffee shops for some of the best cups of joe you’ll ever have.
  6. It rains. A lot. Weather forecasters typically let you know there’s a chance of rain… every day. You’ll get used to it.
  7. The farmers market is incredible. The Vancouver Farmers Market is the number one attraction in all of Southwest Washington. With over 250 vendors selling goods ranging from fresh produce, nuts, breads, baked goods, flowers, plants, pet treats, handmade jewelry, candles, and more, no other farmers market will compare.
  8. Mountain biking is where it’s at. There’s over 14 popular biking trails for all levels of experience located in and around Vancouver, and local residents love to hit the trails.
  9. It has an amazing art scene. The First Friday Artwalk takes you through many galleries and public projects on the first Friday of every month. With the many local artists that have formed cooperatives, you’ll be amazed with what you see.
  10. Kids love Vancouver. Athletic leagues, parks, art, gorgeous scenery, what more could a kid ask for?

Why do YOU love Vancouver?

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