23 TV Free Summer Activities for Kids

Kids these days spend a lot of time in front of a screen — whether it’s the TV, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or any other device. Summer can especially become a time-suck for screen time as school is out and far too often boredom runs high. To help your kids have some fun away from the screen, and to give mom and dad a break from the constant need to entertain, we’ve created a list of 29 TV free summer activities for kids! Check it out and spread the word!

Child watching tv

  1. Backyard target practice. 
  2. Alphabet slime. 
  3. Build with lose parts.
  4. Connect the dots. 
  5. Driveway graffiti.
  6. Flag hunt.
  7. Book hunt.
  8. Have an art show.
  9. Have a toy car wash.
  10. Hose down letters and numbers.
  11. Hunt for colors outside.
  12. Make a marshmallow shooter. 
  13. Make a bird bath.
  14. Make flower place mats.
  15. Make paper bag jellyfish. 
  16. Make your own obstacle course.
  17. Recycle crayons by melting them in the sun.
  18. Paint with broccoli. 
  19. Play real life Angry Birds. 
  20. Play rhyming tag. 
  21. Play water balloon math.
  22. Do shaving cream fireworks. 
  23. Create a bubble bin. 

Which of these activities are you excited to try?

Author: kati.wooten

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