Chiropractic Treatment in Vancouver

chiropractic vancouver waChiropractic care focuses on misalignments of the joints in the spine and how those misalignments influence the nervous system and in turn affect the various cells, tissues, glands, and organs of the body. Most people assume that a bone just “slips” out of place causing the nerve to get “pinched”. In reality, it is a much more complex system that requires time to change. Though symptoms and pain may resolve quickly, to truly correct a problem we need to look at all the moving parts. Bones do not move on their own. For this to happen there must be a stressor present. A stressor can be physical (trauma or repetitive motion), chemical (toxins), and/or mental-emotional (stress). When a bone in the spine is misaligned it causes the muscles to pull unevenly distorting the joint. This joint distortion causes abnormal pressure to build on the disc and the nerve becomes stretched, pinched, or irritated. The whole area becomes inflamed which in turn causes the nerve to become even more irritated, the muscles to pull harder and the bone to move further out of place putting more pressure on the disc- resulting in a vicious cycle. If the misalignment is not addressed, eventually the bone structure becomes rigid and arthritic and the muscles and soft tissue begin to build scar tissue. All of this not only causes pain, stiffness and discomfort, but it also disrupts the communication between the brain and body resulting in decreased function. Our goal is to break this cycle by addressing all the moving parts of your spine and get you back to living the life you deserve to lead.


  • Motion Study X-rays: Diagnostic for spinal subluxation,  degeneration and ligament damage. All care recommendations and treatment plans are based on the findings of these films.
  • Chiropractic adjustments: Brings the bones back into alignment allowing the joints to move properly. In time, this will take the pressure off the disc and reduce irritation to the nerve.
  • Whole Body Vibration: Allows large muscles to relax and stimulates the deeper core muscles which help to stabilize the joints of the spine.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Breaks down the scar tissue and adhesions that have formed in the muscles and soft tissues.
  • Strengthening exercises: Help to strengthen the soft tissue and support the changes being made to the spine. Exercises are tailored to the individual and their specific needs.
  • Spinal Traction: Addresses the ligamentous tissue and allows us to restore proper spinal curvature.